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About ERG

About ERG

Economic Research Group is a not-for-profit organization established for promoting education and research with a view to improving economic justice in society. ERG seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and policy analysis within the context of Bangladesh and other countries of South and Southeast Asia. It intends to extend the frontier of knowledge on developing economies by undertaking analytical research and promoting exchange of views on contemporary issues.

Founded under Section 28 of the Companies Act of 1994 (in Bangladesh), ERG plans to remain committed to the rules of transparency, and to democratic values. Activities of ERG are guided by the broad principle of promoting socially responsible market economy. In particular, ERG aims at analyzing policy prescriptions of the governments of Bangladesh and in South Asia to improve their effectiveness and to ensure long-term efficiency of resource utilization.

ERG represents a unique concept in institution building. It recognizes the intellectual independence of individual members and respects their intellectual property rights. ERG brings within its umbrella a group of people who are working around the world to foster a common goal of ensuring quality research and policy analysis for the South and Southeast Asian region. By advocating quality research and education within its umbrella, ERG seeks to provide for a better future by creating knowledge that can be used for common benefit of all.

The process of undertaking research and/or imparting training is perceived to be important determinant of the quality produced. ERG emphasizes on networking across generations, agencies, space (countries) and disciplines. It also aspires to reduce the size of wasteful intermediaries and encourage ownership that is conducive to promotion of quality.


ERG aims at undertaking activities around five core programs. These are:

Research on selected policy issues.


Monitoring economic and environmental conditions of Bangladesh and the South and Southeast Asian region to help decision-makers in improving market efficiency and promoting development.

Networking for Capacity Building in the field of economic research and education. It includes programs to support local research initiatives, provide guidance to young researchers in developing proposals and undertake research within the ERG umbrella, develop a coordinated database and support educationalists and researchers resident abroad in effective packaging and delivery of their services for the development in this region.

Promoting knowledge of economics of developing countries through publication of research monographs, books, and journals.

Organizing short course/training on specific themes relating to analytical tools for economic analysis, research methodology and on economic analysis of contemporary issues.

Organization & Governance

The governance of ERG has two formal tiers, a Governing Body and a General Body. The latter may include a maximum of 25 distinguished scholars and practitioners. The Chairperson and the members of the ERG Governing Body are nominated on a rotation basis by the General Body. The Governing Body runs ERG, with administrative responsibilities performed by an Executive Director under the guidance of the Chairperson. Given its unique nature, ERG aims at combining the flexibility of a network and the disciplines of an organization - and for obvious reasons, the process part and consultative consensus building dominate the nature of governance.


Financial governance of ERG is guided by two basic principles: abiding by the rules of the land; decentralized administration within a computer-aided environment;  and ensuring transparency in the books of accounts.


The members of current Governing Body are:

Wahiduddin Mahmud  (Chair)
Professor of Economics
Dhaka University

Sajjad Zohir  (Treasurer)
Research Director, ERG
Chairman, Financial Excellence Limited

A.K. Enamul Haque
Professor of Economics
United International University

Syed Mainul Ahsan
Professor of Economics
Concordia University

Ainun Nishat
Vice Chancellor

BRAC University

S R Osmani
Professor of Economics
University of Ulster

Salim Rashid
Professor of Economics
University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

Fahad Khalil
Associate Professor of Economics
University of Washington in Seattle

S. M. Ashiquzzaman
Professor of Economics
University of Dhaka

Mohammed Helal Uddin (Executive Director)
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Dhaka

Atonu Rabbani
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Dhaka

Other members of the General Body are:

Minhaj Mahmud
Research Fellow, BIDS


Iyanaetul Islam
Professor of Economics, Griffith University, Australia

Imran Matin
Director, Research & Evaluation Division, Brac

Nigar Nargis
Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Dhaka University

A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman
Professor, Economics Department, North South University

Joyashree Roy
Professor, Economics Department, Jadavpur University

M.A. Taslim
Professor, Economics Department, Dhaka University

Lutfun Nahar Osmani
Lecturer, Department of Economics, Queens University of Belfast

Farida Chowdhury Khan
Professor, Economics Department, University of Wisconsin (Parkside)

Rushad Faridi
Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Dhaka University

Syed Naimul Wadud
Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Dhaka University

Mohammad Niaz Abdullah
Lecturer, University of Reading Business School, UK

Shaymal Chowdhury
Lecturer, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource, University of Sydney

Mohammad Ziaul Haider
Associate Professor and Head Economics Discipline, Khulna University

Muhammad G. Sarwar
Chief (Rtd.)
Planning Commission, GOB

Syed Abdul Basher
Research Economist, Department of Research and Monetary Policy, Qatar Central Bank

Asadul Islam
Senior Lecturer of Economics, Monash University


M. Zakir Hossain Khan
Senior Research Officer, Transparency International Bangladesh

Iftekharul Huq
PhD student, Concordia University

Mehnaz Rabbani
Asian Development Bank

Biva Arani Mallik
PhD Student, Concordia University

Salma Begum
PhD, University of Kentucky

Sabbir Ahmed
Graduate School,  Economics

Abantee Harun
Lecturer, ULAB

Mashfiqur Rahman Khan
Lecturer, Economics Department, Dhaka University

Institute of Microfinance (InM)


EXTERNAL ADVISERS (study-specific)


INTERNS (in order of current and past affiliation)